Blanck's Lake Aire Supper Club

In 1952 Bob and Hazel Blanck purchased a tavern in Johnsburg, WI. As their customer base grew, they started offering food and shortly after found the need to expand. Since then, the restaurant they created has been passed down two generations and is now run by their grandchildren. That restaurant is now known as Blanck’s Supper Club.

Dale, Bob and Hazel’s son, worked at Blanck’s Supper Club early on in his life and always wanted to have a restaurant of his own. He finally got that chance in 1998 when, along with his brothers Kevin and Bob Jr., he found a place on the west side of the lake known as Lake Aire Supper Club. The brothers purchased the property and several months of work ensued to get the building ready. At last, Blanck’s Lake Aire Supper Club was born.

The original Blanck’s Supper Club menu was expanded to give Blanck’s Lake Aire Supper Club its own identity. Everything at the new restaurant was running smoothly until the night of June 30, 2002. A fire started outside the kitchen area in a dumpster, catching the building on fire and ending with a complete loss of the restaurant. Fortunately, no one was injured.

Little did they know at the time, this unexpected tragedy was actually a blessing in disguise. No time was wasted and in less than four months, the restaurant was rebuilt into the beautiful establishment you see today. On April 18, 2009 tragedy struck again. After a great day with family and friends, Dale passed away unexpectedly. Everyone was at a loss, but his dream to see this restaurant prosper was not forgotten. His legacy was passed down to his three children Stacy, Scott, and Steve. All three have helped at the restaurant throughout the years. Stacy and Steve have chosen career paths outside the restaurant business. Scott, who has been a permanent fixture at the Blanck’s Lake Aire Supper Club since its opening, has chosen to make his father’s dream a reality, along with the help of his uncles Kevin and Bob Junior.  On August 11, 2012, Scott married Nichole Lallier, a long time girlfriend and manager of the restaurant. Together they work side by side to bring you the best service possible.

Please take your time in making your menu selection. With our wide variety of options, there is no doubt that there is something for everyone. If you’re undecided, try one of our many combinations. Also, ask about our nightly specials and be sure to save room for one of our delicious desserts. Check us out on Facebook to see our monthly specials.

Since 1998, our staff has been providing the customers with outstanding service, food, and cocktails. Take time to enjoy yourself and let us provide you with a pleasant, relaxing dining experience.

Come check out our new patio addition that is both heated and air conditioned. Have your next get-together out here. It seats up to 50 people and is great for receptions, reunions, birthdays, etc…